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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, from a private decision to a very public mistake, a south bay leader accepts responsibility and candidly speaks out to nbc area about his drinking and driving. we can't teach with this level of funding. it's not possible. >> the cuts just keep comg. teachers across the state have a new plan of action to make sure their voices are heard. and trapped in the desert for more than a month. how one woman managed to survive. the news starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. he chose to get behind the wheel
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after drinking, and tonight a san jose city leader is coming forward the take responsibility for his actions. nbc bay area's george kitayama is at city hall. why did this councilman decide to come forward? >> reporter: that's a good question, diane. city council member ash kalra said it was important for him to take responsibility after he was arrested for a dui over the weekend. he sent 11 years working with the santa clara public defenders office and some of those were for drunk driving. tonight he says he hopes everyone can learn from his mistake. >> i fully on intend on admitting to the charges. >> reporter: san jose city council member ash kalra says he has learned his lesson. >> i got behind the wheel. i had been drinking. and i'll be cooperative with the district attorney's office and try to resolve this as quickly as possible.
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>> reporter: kalra was having fun with friends in downtown san jose on friday night, watching the sharks game at a sports bar. he said he had a few drinks over several hours. around 1:30 saturday morning, chp officers pulled over his pruz near san fernando when they noticed his taillight was out. and they smelled alcohol. >> it was actually very scary. i've never gone through anything like this before. >> reporter: a preliminary alcohol field test showed kalra's blood alcohol level to be .12, above the level limit of 0.08. >> i hope that my experience with it and how horrifying it was serves as an example to others especially given my position that people can see it's not worth it. >> reporter: the officers arrested kalra and booked him into the santa clara main jail. he was cited and released after spending four hours there. >> i have to be much more cautious in my behavior and use this as a reality check as to what happened.
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and use it as a learning experience, which it already has been. >> reporter: kalra says he wanted to come forward to let everyone know what happened. he says as a city leader, that's the right thing to do. >> regardless of what i do for a living, whether it's in the public light or not, i feel it's really important to be honest and come out and let people know that i made a mistake. >> reporter: now kalra has reached out to mayor chuck reed and other city council members. mayor reed says this is a personal issue, not a city issue. we're live at san jose city hall tonight, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you, george. another drinking and driving case in san francisco ended up as a deadly hit-and-run. and now we're learning the man believed responsibility is apparently a sheriff's cadet. police say 23-year-old jose jimenez was driving this 2009 hyundai early thursday morning when he hit and killed 61-year-old jamison hudson.
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it happened on masonic. the driver hit four other vehicles before crashing the car into some planter boxes outside st. mary's medical center. the chronicle reports he has been a security guard with the sheriff's department at san francisco's 911 emergency call center since september of 2008. investigators are holding him on manslaughter charges and driving under the influence. the obama administration is now pressing pakistan to gain access to interview osama bin laden's wives. meantime, the white house wants the world to see the videos of bin laden. they are part of a major intelligence find from his compound. president obama tonight stopped just short of accusing pakistan's leaders of knowing bin laden's location. >> we don't know whether there might have been some people inside of government, people outside of government. and that's something that we have to investigate. and more importantly, the pakistani government has to investigate. >> it is extraordinarily hard to believe that he could have survived there for five years or
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more in a major population center without some kind of support system and knowledge. >> the intelligence also shows that before his death, bin laden was still intent on killing americans and attacking u.s. targets such as commuter trains, and may have been planning an attack this fall, ten years after the september 11th attacks. educators are calling a state of emergency in education funding. thousands of california teachers are expected to take part in a week-long campaign to protest possible spending cuts. rallies are being planned in sacramento and across the state. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is in san francisco with more on how bay area educators and parents are trying to make sure their voices are heard. >> reporter: diane, california teachers plan to take over the state capitol starting tomorrow to protest education cuts. some bay area teachers plan to join in the fight. they're going to meet here at the san francisco unified school district office bright and early to board buses to sacramento.
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at least 300 members of the california teachers association plan to hold daily sit-ins at the capitol to protest deeper cuts to education and other service. >> there is no chance we can survive on the funding we're talking about. our children cannot survive on. this. >> right now in this school district, they had five days less of school this current year because of the funding problem, a state funding problem. if this happens, it could be as many as 20 days. could you imagine if we didn't start school until late in september? that's not fir to these kids. >> reporter: california is facing a $15 billion budget shortfall. that's after cuts were already made. now lawmakers and the governor have two choices. fill the gap with more spending cuts, or extend taxes set to expire july 1st. the california teachers wants jerry brown to approve the extension of higher sales, income and vehicle taxes. >> the legislature has done half the job. they have come up with $12.5 billion of cuts. but they need to do the other half meaning the temporary taxes
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we have, mean nothing one would pay any more than we're paying right now, that those will continue so we can at least stabilize at the level we're at. >> reporter: without the teachers face mass layoffs. >> they really want great education. but we're talking about taxes. and that's a really sensitive issue for people. so i think we need to move away from the word tax. let's talk about educating our children. >> reporter: crystal brown is with educate our state, a san diego-based grassroots organization of parents who say the education system can't take any more hits. >> stop playing games with our children in the middle. it's not okay. and so it doesn't matter to us who -- which legislator is or which specific legislation, but we need to make sure that what is going on in sacramento takes the child's interest first. i think if the voice gets loud enough, that they will have to listen. >> reporter: in addition to the citizens at the capitol, there is also some rallies planned for
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the bay area, and also some grade-ins, that is teachers grading papers in public in some local malls to show just how much work they do on their own time and on their own dime. live in san francisco, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kimberly. we're learning tonight of another violent attack on an employee at a bay area mental hospital. the napa state hospital isn't releasing many details, but officials there are confirming there was an assault, and that it's under investigation. in the past year, there have been three separate attacks on c staff by patients at that hospital, and in one case, the staff member was killed. it happened last october when psychiatric technician donna gross was strangled by a patient. and then just last month, california regulators fined the hospital more than $100,000 because of safety failures uncovered after that incident. employees at napa state hospital have complained they have some of the most dangerous jobs in the state with more than 90% of the patients mentally ill and
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admitted for criminal acts. trying to keep aging gas lines safe. coming up next at 11:00, pg&e begins testing bay area pipelines tomorrow, and we'll show you which cities are first on the list. plus, they spent nearly half a lifetime apart. the chance encounter on a beach thousands of miles away from home that a pair of brothers are calling a miracle. and a the winds are finally calm do you think around the bay area after very gusty mother's day sunday. but the other thing we're watching forrer you, some pretty wild weather that has just formed in the last couple of hours, intense thunderstorms to the north and east dropping through the central valley.rnd the bay area for your morning commute? we'll look at this when we come
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right back. verizon.
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as we celebrate mother's day, here is a story of family. a chance encounter that brought together two perfect strangers with an incredible twist -- they're brothers. nbcs a kevin tibbles reports. >> reporter: of the millions of snapshots taken on waikiki beach, this one is so very special. rick hill from outside boston was vacationing in the sun when his family paused for a photo. that's when stranger approached. >> basically, he came up and he says why don't you jump in the picture and do a whole family shot. >> reporter: that stranger, joe parker, also from outside boston, grew up in foster care, and was now living in hawaii. >> i saw these people enjoying waikiki, and on vacation. and i just wanted to be a little hospitable. >> reporter: rick hadn't even planned to be on the beach that
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day. yet here he was reminiscing. his hometown was just one away from joe's. and then the name. >> and then he just out of the blue came out with he asked me if i knew a guy named dick halligan. and at that point, yeah, that's my father. and i lifted up my sunglasses and looked him dead in the eye and said you know, that's my father too. >> reporter: dick halligan died nine years ago. and while each knew of a half-brother, that was all they knew. is fate something you believe in? >> fate, miracle, whatever words you want to use to describe it, yeah, absolutely. i believe in something beyond me. >> reporter: the pair continued catching up this morning on "today." >> every day we've talked at least once or twice. >> it took us half our life to meet, but it's been exciting to say the least. >> reporter: and what do you know? after 38 years of not knowing one another, they're already starting to sound like brothers. >> you know, he's got quite a bit of issues. he's got a face for radio.
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but there are a lot of similarities there is a lot of mannerisms that i see from my father. that i see in him. and we do a lot of stuff in common. >> except for the hair. if i had hair, i certainly wouldn't do what he does to his. >> a chance meeting on a beach, a lifetime ahead together as brothers. >> now that gives you chills. the story of a woman's survival in the nevada desert is something you would find in a hollywood script. and tonight after a month and a half of isolation, she spent mother's day with her children. officials there tell us 56-year-old rita endured 49 days with little food. they say she survived on bits of beef jerky, trail mix, snow, and water from a stream. the canadian woman is alive weeks after she and her husband drove 400 miles south from british columbia and then turned on to a forest service road headed for nevada. their van got stuck in the mud and snow. and after three days, her husband decided to go for help. he is still missing.
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but on friday, some hunters stumbled on to the car. the woman managed to get out and even wave at them. doctors say she is in remarkably good condition. >> we certainly are experienced with various degrees of starvation in our line of work. but this most certainly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all of us. >> surveillance images taken march 19th marked the last time the couple were seen together. the family reported them missing, and dozens of people searched for them for weeks, but with no luck until friday. tomorrow pg&e plans to begin the first of many tests on 150 miles of natural gas pipeline throughout the entire bay area. so beginning at 5:00 a.m., crews plan to start hydro static pressure testing in mountainview. the test is designed to reveal any potential problems that could lead to a disaster similar to the deadly explosion in san bruno last year. the entire process is expected to last up to eight hours. also tomorrow morning, workers
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will vent a pipeline in antioch near highway 160. and tomorrow there is also a meeting scheduled in san bruno to discuss upcoming work in the disaster area that meeting is scheduled to start at 5:30 in the afternoon. bank of america is offering a new version of overdraft protection that could help some people before they make that purchase. but it could also cost customers a whole lot more as well. the bank says it will test a new overdraft program that notifies customers by a text message if they're about to make a debit card transaction with insufficient funds. if the customer okays the overdraft, bank of america will let the buy go through, but with an overdraft fee attached. here is the catch. also starting next month, the bank will revert to charging a $35 flat fee for each overdraft transaction, even if the overdraft is less than a dollar. sharks fans not so happy tonight after the san jose
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sharks lost game five of the stanley cup play-offs against detroit. but fans are hoping the sharks can come back and take the series on tuesday. >> i'm a little nervous. but you know what? i'm a sharks fan. and i have faith in us. and we're going to make it. >> whatever. there is always the next game, and we'll get it the next game. >> the team travels to detroit for game six tuesday night. laurence scott will have all the sharks highlights tonight on "sports sunday" in just a few minutes. but right now we want to check out the weather and see if it's going to warm up and if that wind is going to calm down any final soon. hello there, rob maeda. >> there is a lot of teal on the maps. 40s to low 50s outside. and yes, the winds have finally started to back off a bit. it was really gusty around 5:00 this evening. we had wind gusts close to 40 miles per hour. now most of the bay area seeing winds from 5 to 15 miles per hour. i think this trend will continue into tomorrow morning. but where things have made a really interesting turn is on the radar. we'll show you that in just a second. if you have allergies, or if
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you've been sneezing a lot lately, it could be the grass pollen. those are the highest numbers i've seen so far in the high range. walnut and okeafor tree pollen running fairly high. let's take you on a tour of the radar, and we'll zoom in to chico and sacramento. you can see some really intense thunderstorms here. some of the outer fringes spilling into parts of lake county and northern napa county by this evening. you notice the trend with some of the showers, they do appear they're going to the south and east. if you're out towards the eastern edge of solano county overnight, may have some stray showers going on. but the intensity will probably drop off and stay east of the bay area. there has ban change to the futurecast for the hilltop communities of the north bay. right around 5:00 tomorrow, you can see a few pop-up showers. cool air aloft. daytime heating triggering the hilltop showers, especially out to the north bay, and maybe a few more around the santa cruz mountains for tomorrow. and then tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, those will be the driest and warmest days of the week. we'll catch a midday break before things warm up.
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tuesday into wednesday, we start to dry out. and we'll see a nice warm-up for the middle part of the week. we should finally see 70s and a little less wind as we head towards the middle part of the week. tomorrow morning the wind-protected spots up and around the north bay will be chilly. we're looking at near 40 degree temperatures around napa. fairfield eastward, look out for stray showers, just drifting by to our east now. tomorrow temperatures will be running a little bit warmer. closer to 70 in some of the warmer places around the south bay hills. but keep an eye on the hilltops from 3:00 to 5:00 tomorrow afternoon around the santa cruz mountains, especially up to the north bay. maybe even the diablo range. well may have to watch cloud buildups for isolated showers. a little warmer on monday. and if you want the nicest weather of the week, well, tuesday, wednesday, thursday will be your favorite days of week. the 70s for the middle part of the week and next weekend this trend of -- >> no, say it isn't so. >> i don't want to talk about it anymore. i'm just the bearer of bad news.
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but yes more rain for next week and snow in the sierra. donner ski ranch, the longest ski season on record. and if they need to, they can stay open until july. we joked about that at 6:00. they may do it. >> it could be very fun, actually. we'll be right back. first, here is a preview of "sports sunday." >> good evening. i'm laurence scott. coming up on "sports sunday," the sharks had a mission tonight. do not go back to detroit. but they're going back to detroit for game six tuesday. we'll check in with them. plus a's broadcasters ken coreacktrpe..onioiotronio. us, aery nice scene f families in san jose w super bowl champion returning home.
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that and more coming up on "sports sunday."
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this week two uc berkeley students detained in iran are set to get their day in court as the second session of their trial begins. josh fattal and shane bourd were charged with crossing the border into iran illegally. shourd has decided not to stand trial with the others. th s to start on wednesday, by the way.
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we'll be right back.
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in san francisco, several moms who are more in need of pampering than most received some star treatment today, thanks to the 17th annual mother's day brunch, 25 homeless women were treated to a morning of pampering with complimentary hair and makeup sessions. and then whi when they finished up, they took a cable car ride to the sir francis drake hotel
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for brunch at the starlight lounge. >> having all of this set up for us is such a wonderful gift. it's such a blessing. we all really needed it. and we all really deserve it, i think, because there are so many wonderful moms here. >> many of the moms say they loved all the pampering and were anxious to get back to their kids to enjoy the rest of the day. thanks for watching nbc bay area news. happy mother's day. "sports sunday" is coming up next.
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detroit for game six. and now another viewpoint, response to an nbc bay editorial. >> most of you agreed with our last editorial in favor of an extraction tax on oil and gas companies to raise billions for education. gary says our students deserve stable funding, and oil and gas extraction tax is a better solution than increases in sales tax. chris believes we should allow offshore oil drilling with very, very strict environmental laws
11:28 pm
that way california can collect millions of dollars in royalties. peter adds the fact oil companies pay zero extraction tax is just insane. even texas has an extraction tax, and texans love their oil companies. but the group californians against higher taxes disagrees, claiming it would cost californians $10,000 jobs require us to import more foreign oil, and would drive down property tax revenues. we appreciate your comments. join us online,
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good evening, and welcome to "sports sunday." i'm laurence scott. and this one is for the moms, all the moms, because the sharks game at the tank tonight was one that only a mother could love. a red wings mother. we'll go deep into sharks-red wings game five, plus we talk baseball and f.m. radio. the dull set towns of broadcasters ken korach and vince cotroneio are on tv tonight. they join us for a variety of talks including the bay area's all new sports talk radio station which is home to the a's and the sharks. the giants are trying to do something they haven't yet done this season. and that's sweep a series. this is a great opportunity with the division-leading rockies at china basin. for now let's invoke the new. the new boss is the same as the old boss. we like it that way. we've also got the story of a super bowl champion who was part of a very nice surprise for some families in san jose this week. long before he joined the green bay packers and san jose


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